Monday, 11 May 2015

Expert Talk on "Healthy Lifestyle"

Although adolescence is the time for experiments & explore new things but a person should till the certain age, since it is the time when a person attain complete maturation Physically, Mentally, Psychological & Socially.

To guide the healthy life style at the unset of adolescence, a  talk was organized at SMCS on o6.05.15 for class XII which was headed by Dr. Consultant & Head, AIDS and Wellnesss Centre, Pushpanjali Hospital - Dr. Ruby Bansal and Clinical Psychologist - Dr. Neeti Gupta .

They guided the students to learn & implement healthy life styles in their lives. The complete session was very interesting and fruitful for the students as they enjoyed every bit of the talk because it was focused on adolescence period. Students learned how their regular diet can effect their body and mind in the long run. Soft drink consumption, less physical activity, skipping breakfast, unhealthy food choices & how it can create problems in teenagers lifestyle. 

The imbalance diet always has a negative impact on cognitive abitlity, behaviour and mood, fluid intake etc. Students learned and promised themselves to take proper and balanced diet which can make them Socially, Psychologically, Mentally & Physically Strong.

Labour Day Celebration

May 01, is also known as “Labour Day” which is celebrated  to honour Working Men & Women. To respect the dignity of work & working hands, the Marians devote their emmence strength to contribute their efforts by cleaning their classrooms and playground.
Ø  Grade Pre- Nursery to II : Students appreciated the working of helping staff of the school and offered greetings by respecting the dignity of their work.
Ø  Grade III to V : Students participated in Playground Cleanliness Drive.
Ø  Grade VI to XII : Students participated enthusiastically in Classroom Cleanliness Drive.

Marians have done the activities with enthusiasm and promised to continue this drive throughout the session in respect of dignity of worker.
Welcome Assembly : Grade Pre-Nursery to KG

Welcome Assembly was organized for Grade Pre-Nursery to KG where students actively participated by presenting group performances on poems & poems with Dance Drama and special attraction of assembly was the Skit presented by the teachers of Grade Pre-Nursery to KG in welcome of our blooming buds.