Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Educational Trip Visit To Parle G – Biscuit Factory Classes IX to XII

Academic excellence and co-curricular activities provide students with an opportunity to explore new areas, which enhance their experiences, talents in their quest for triumph.   With this intention, an educational visit was planned for students of Grade IX to XII on 6th February 2016.   Around 200 students escorted with 12 teachers visited Kohinoor Factory, Parle-G, Sector 63, Noida. The introductory documentary film shown to students told them about the origin of the Brand PARLE, its founder and products about its various products.
The Resource Person Mr. Mahesh explained the working of the plant and also described the functions, benefits of the product and its worldwide fame.   Soon after, the students were taken around the manufacturing plant where they observed various processes like kneading, mixing, shaping, baking, cooling and packing.   The complete unit was automated and internationally designed keeping in mind the strict hygiene standards.   Students interacted with the staff to quench their innate curiosity.
The students enjoyed complimentary gifts (biscuits and toffees) and participated in a Question Answer Round & MCQ Quiz upon their return to school.
All in all the students enjoyed an aromatic mouth watering day visiting one of the fovourite snack of their childhood.

Republic Day Celebration

67th Republic day was celebrated with great zeal & enthusiasm in SMCS. To commemorate the day when India became republic and when the constitution of India was officially enforced, special assembly was held in SMCS.   The Chief Guest, Sir Principal, Mr. Abhinav Marwah and Mr. Masroor Choudhary unfurled the beloved National Flag and the spark of patriotism was felt in each ray of light showered.   We the Marians are on the leading path of globalizing the nation and localizing the world always ready to secure our present and ensure the future.
Beyond the guiding values of liberty, equality and fraternity the Marians on their level represented the values of firm determination and dedication.   Grouped in 6 houses students marched with the promise to spread Sincerity, Courtesy, Honesty, Hospitality, Generosity and Loyalty across the connected planet.

India traditional touch of cultural heritage was well exhibited by students through lazim.

To emphasize the spirit of nationalism and to renew the thought of the pledge an initiative was taken by SMCS.  

Under certain competitions Marians were given opportunity to express their thoughts.   To explore and understand the importance of constitution; to stand for the rights and to analyse the duties of a citizen.

Reservation of Gender; division of state on the basis of language, and importance of equality, justice and freedom were the topics on which the youth mind of Marians created a warm blend of motion.

The new version of celebrating this Republic Day was really fruitful when it was blessed by the precious words of Sir Principal.

To spread kindness and to leave an impact on at least one person a day, the SMCS fraternity commenced a kindness drive as per CBSE norms on this special occasion.