Thursday, 25 February 2016


    SESSION 2015-16 

Saturday, 20th February 2016 was an incredible morning hosted & organized by Class XI students who pooled in their best resources to bid farewell for class XII students of SMCS. The day started with excitement & merriment as all the Class XII students dressed up to their glamorous best, the boys looked dashing in their formal suits & the girls who never fail to put on a show, were draped in gorgeous sarees for the occasion. The theme of the valedictory party was “Fare – thee – well”.

The ceremony started with the welcome of Class XII students, followed by a Power Point Presentation which was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends & teachers to reminisce joyous moments.

The function started with sincere prayers to Almighty God. Symbol of knowledge, wisdom & growth, the lamp was lit by the chief Guest Father Rev. John Chiman along with the dignitaries & Class XII students.

Moving on with the festivities, a group of talented students sang their way onto the stage as the audience whooped & clapped. Spark of talent & emotions were very well exhibited, in the cultural program presented by Class XI students. Class XII students also gave a scintillating dance performance & the pulsating music rocked the ambience.

The auditorium was set ablaze with a ramp walk of Grade XII students, judged on the basis of their inmate & acquired knack, personality, confidence, attire & intelligence which added life to the party. Flairs of SMCS in different fields were identified & awarded.

Rudransh Bhattacharya and Dakshi Panwar were adjudged Mr. & Ms. Marian (Co-Scholastic) while Muskkan Dhawan & Akansh Tiwari were declared Ms. & Mr. Intelligent based upon their two years Scholastic performances, Mridul Joshi and Diksha Bhatt were adjudged as Mr. Handsome & Ms. Beautiful while Sahil Garg & Muskan Kaul were tagged for their Best Attires. Samuel T. bagged the Sports Star title & Poushali Dutta was tagged as Miss Melody.

Students of Class XII showed their love & gratitude for teachers & management by offering them cards, flowers & heart touching vocal performances. Few of them also shared their memorable moments spent with their classmates, juniors & faculty.

The teachers wished all the best to the outgoing students for success & accomplishment in all their future endeavors. Sir Principal also expressed his hope that students will continue holding top positions in colleges as well. Blessings & words of wisdom from Father (The Chief Guest) added gem to the wishes for the bright future of the students.
The ceremony ended with a delicious & sumptuous lunch after which the students danced to the tunes of the DJ. Students felt desperate to hold on to the last few precious moments of togetherness in the school.