Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Math Activity on Probability

Math Activity on Probability was conducted for the students of class VIII. to create a deeper interest in the concept related to the topic through various live examples like:
1.             Throwing Dice
2.             Tossing Coin
3.             Withdrawing a particular card from a deck of 52 cards.
Students participated actively and enthusiastically. It was really a fun learning process.


Under Connecting Classrooms of British Council ISA Project, Mr. Niroj Maharjan, Principal of Annal Jyoti Boarding School, Nepal visited St. Mary’s Christian School.
On his arrival at School on 12.10.2014, School Principal, Ms. Ashu John, and other staff members organized a grand welcome in Indian style. Later he visited the Exhibition displayed by teachers based on the theme of all the projects namely Water Works, One World One Religion, Growing Up, About Me and My Friends, Map It !, Animal Habitats round the World, Fabrics in our Lives etc.  showing the work of Students & Teachers in the projects which was well appreciated by our guest of honour.
A Special Assembly was organised by the Students & Teachers for him on Monday, 13.10.2014 upholding the themes of collaboration of the Project One World – One Religion.
To conclude his visit, Mr. Niroj personally visited all the classes and interacted with the students where students welcomed him with beautiful handmade cards which quite impressed him.