“Bad writing is caused not so much by mistake in grammar as by weakness in style and expression”
                                          -   Raymond Chapman

In today’s world of technological advancement, Internet has become the easiest means for exploring a given topic rather than referring to books.
Reading books in their free time is not appreciated much by students now a days, thus, they lack in expressing their feelings and emotions in an imaginative manner.  Creative writing of any genre is considered dreary for them.
CREATIVE WRITING is organizing your thoughts and expressions in a presentable style, wherein the start and end is linked properly and each thought is expressed in a coherent manner.
The six steps for beginning The Creative Writing Journey.
·       The moment the topic is in front of you, train-storm it from different angles.
·      Write down the words which come to your mind as soon as you read the topic.
·      Try to segregate the words in different parts…like opening, body & conclusion.
·      Once you are done with this try to make sentences with those words with relevance    to the given topic.
·      Check your grammar and also bring into use your word bank.
·      Organise the paragraph in such a manner that it become a great piece of literary work.

So, enjoy reading books and be a creative writer.

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