Health and Hygiene both are interrelated to each other. When we are taking care of our hygiene, in one way we are taking care of our health also. Following are the ways by which we can keep good hygiene:-
1) Take bath daily.
2) Wear clean clothes.
3) Wash your hands properly before and after taking your meals.
4) Clip your nails regularly.
5) Always eat fresh and covered food.
6) Wash fruits properly before consuming.
7) Raw vegetables should be washed with potassium permanganate solution before eating.
8) Take proper care of the cleanliness of your surroundings also.
9) Don’t allow dirt or dust to collect on articles kept in your room. Sweep your floor well. Use some insecticides solution for cleaning you r house.
10) Don’t allow garbage or water to collect anywhere in your locality otherwise it may invite various diseases causing germs causing the danger of various deadly diseases.

Sonica Sharma
Faculty, SMCS

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