Year 2014 had been a great year in which many famous events took place. One of the most important was ‘Swach Bharat, Swach Vidyalay Abhiyan’ initiated by our beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi.
This event has touched many hearts and people have realized the importance of cleanliness.
In my opinion the “cleanliness” or “Swachata “should not be only of the physical world but also of the mind, heart and thoughts of people of our country. People take bribe for doing any work. There is corruption spread in every nook and corner of the government machinery.
I believe that every person working in some government office or in any private institute should be fair to his or her job and consider their work place to be their own.
Everybody has to bring a positive change in themselves before bringing a change in country.
“You change yourself and the country will automatically change with you.”

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